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    1. A-4 or S-4, performs all staff functions pertaining to supply and maintenance.
    2. And in Usonia's mighty Lan'— / What almost seems beyond belief— / An offshoot of the Irvine clan / Is honor'd as the nation's chief! We of the United States, in justice to Canadians and Mexicans, have no right to use the title " Americans " when referring to matters pertaining exclusively to ourselves. [ …] [I] have been inclined to give my vote to the writer that first suggested " Usona," which is formed from the initials of " United States of North America." The assonance of " Usonans," however, has always been distasteful, [ …] A much more euphonious word is " Usonia," and as it represents in a similar way the " United States of Northern Independent America " [ …] a dignified name to designate our land, our people and our nation—" Usonia," " Usonian " and " Usonians " sounding equally well. It has also to US Scots the added merit of making a good rhyme to Caledonia, and thus knitting more closely together both Usonians and Caledonians. (dated 18th June, 1903)
    3. There was some variability in the codes included in each set, but they generally excluded codes pertaining to occlusion of the precerebral arteries, intracranial haemorrhage other than ICH, late effects of stroke/stroke sequalae, and cerebrovascular disorders stemming from other conditions.
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