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EN[ɡlɑːsi] [-ɑːsi] [ɡlæsi] [-æsi]

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  • Beispiele glassy
    1. Glassy eyes suggest a broken spirit
    2. Its cogenerator at One Bryant Park, a glassy 54-story skyscraper rising at the corner of 42nd Street and the Avenue of the Americas, is scheduled to come online this summer.
    3. ...pilotaxitic texture connotes abundant plagioclase microlites prominently fluxioned in an overall sub-parallel manner and locally around phenocrysts (but strictly in a holocrystalline non-glassy matrix).
    4. Relationships shown in Fig. 3 , B and C demonstrate that formation of the symplectite predated development of glassy kelyphite veins which formed by decompression melting during rapid ascent of the host alnöite.
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