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EN[ˈfluːɪd] [ˈfluwɪd] [ˈflʊɪ̯d]
DFlüssigkeit WFluid
  • Die Strömungslehre bezeichnet als Fluid (vom lateinischen fluidus für „fließend“ und vom englischen fluid für die „Flüssigkeit“) eine Substanz, die einer beliebig langsamen Scherung keinen Widerstand entgegensetzt (endliche Viskosität).
  • Reale Fluide werden eingeteilt in newtonsche Fluide, die sich durch die Navier-Stokes-Gleichung beschreiben lassen, und sich komplexer verhaltende nichtnewtonsche Fluide, die in der Rheologie behandelt werden.

    Definition of fluid in English Dictionary

  • SubstantivPLfluids
    1. Any substance which can flow with relative ease, tends to assume the shape of its container, and obeys Bernoulli's principle; a liquid, gas or plasma.
      1. An extreme version of vorticity is a vortex. The vortex is a spinning, cyclonic mass of fluid, which can be observed in the rotation of water going down a drain, as well as in smoke rings, tornados and hurricanes.
  • AdjektivCOMmore fluidSUPmost fluid
    1. (not comparable) Of or relating to fluid.
      1. In a state of flux; subject to change.
        1. Economics is a messy discipline: too fluid to be a science, too rigorous to be an art. Perhaps it is fitting that economists’ most-used metric, gross domestic product (GDP), is a tangle too. GDP measures the total value of output in an economic territory. Its apparent simplicity explains why it is scrutinised down to tenths of a percentage point every month.
      2. Moving smoothly, or giving the impression of a liquid in motion.
        1. (of an asset) Convertible into cash.
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          1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
            • A cyclic compression force was then applied as conditioning (40 ± 10 N at 0.5 Hz for 15 min) to remove excess fluid from the discs and to return the disc to its predeath height [ 11 ].
            • While pyometra presents an infected purulent fluid, mucometra is characterized by the presence of a sterile seromucous fluid within the uterine cavity [1 ].
            • Genomic DNA was isolated from paraffin-embedded tissues, which were obtained by transbronchial lung biopsy or from cytologic materials, such as bronchial lavage fluid and pleural effusions.
          2. In der Endung des Satzes verwendet
            • These performances had been a success with audiences, also refreshing the 'typical' Opera North demographic and making the transition from concert-goer to opera-goer more fluid.
        • Wortart Hierarchie
          1. Adjektive
            • Substantive
              • Zählbare Nomen
                • Singularia tantum
                  • Unzählbare Nomen
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              Grammatisch, dieses wort "fluid" ist ein adjektive. Es ist auch ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen und ein singularia tantum.
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