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  • Frage 1 :
  • The Buddhist concept of tanha, for example — roughly translated as “blind demandingness” — encapsulates many ______ of R.E.B.T. and points the way toward emotional equanimity: stop asking more of the universe than it can possibly deliver.
    1. tenets
    2. tenet
  • Frage 2 :
  • Fire-Philosophers, or Philosophi per ignem , [ …] The distinguishing _____ from which they derived this appellation was, that the intimate essences of natural things were only to be known by the trying efforts of fire, directed in a chemical process. They were also called Theosophists, from their declaring against human reason as a dangerous and deceitful guide, and representing a divine and supernatural illumination as the only means of arriving at truth.
    1. tenets
    2. tenet
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  2. en tenet
  3. en teets
  4. en Enets
  5. en Nenets
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