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EN[sɪˈvɪə] [-ɪə(ɹ)]

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  • Beispiele severe
    1. As a young man, his was a severe and unhopeful mind, and the tendency to despond was increased by circumstances.
    2. Alarmingly, he went into a severe sneezing fit.
    3. He went into an alarmingly severe sneezing fit.
    4. I will not show him this letter of yours though you seem to desire it, lest it should provoke him to be too severe a schoolmaster, when you are his’n.
    5. Blackpool were not without their opportunities - thanks to their willingness to commit and leave men forward even when under severe pressure - and they looked very capable of scoring on the break.
    6. This letter . . . was published by him with a severe commentary. -Henry Hallam.
  • Beispiele severest
    1. Malice and pejudice concurred in representing the christians[sic] as a society of atheists, who, by the most daring attack on the religious constitution of the empire, had merited the severest animadversion of the civil magistrate.
  • Beispiele more severe
    1. Within classical CAH, commonly two major subtypes are distinguished, the more severe salt-wasting (SW) variant and the simple virilizing (SV) variant, and several studies have shown that bisexuality and homosexuality are increased more in the SW than the SV variant (Dittmann et al., 1992 ; Horn, 1997 ; Mulaikal et al., 1987 ; Zucker et al., 1996 ) or in CAH women with higher Prader stages of genital masculinization at birth, which are also (moderately) correlated with CAH severity (Gastaud et al., 2007 ); the earlier finding by our team that CAH-SW women with gender dysphoria are gynecophilic fits in with the other data (Meyer-Bahlburg et al., 1996 ).
    2. “But in the past few years the bugs have become hypervirulent, more severe and now it’s a global threat.”
    3. They treated patients with nonsevere injuries after the more severe cases.
    4. Of note, the relationship between BMI and DR only exists in the diabetic vasoregression stage (any retinopathy), but not in more severe stages (i.e. increased permeability (DME) or angiogenesis (PDR)).
  • Beispiele most severe
    1. The most severe droughts also tend to be the most widespread and prolonged, but fortunately these megadroughts are far less frequent than the lesser droughts which are vastly in the majority [ …]
    2. Both men are pursuing one of the most coveted prizes in ultramarathoning: a nickel-plated belt buckle awarded to athletes who finish one of the world’s most severe and demanding footraces, the Badwater Ultramarathon, in less than 48 hours.
    3. Nearly 10% of patients infected by Schistosoma mansoni progress to the most severe form, hepatosplenic (HS) schistosomiasis, which is characterized by periportal fibrosis (PPF), obstruction by eggs of intrahepatic veins, presinusoidal portal hypertension, splenomegaly, hemodynamic and lipid abnormalities, frequently resulting in upper digestive bleeding [3 –5 ].
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