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    1. But in this more narcissistic Internet era, people who were once happily anonymous view themselves as online minicelebrities with their own brands to promote.
    2. OCPA stands for Overseas Chinese Physics Association. [...] The chartered goals of the organization are to promote physics research in general and to promote recognition of achievements by ethnic Chinese physicists in particular.
    3. The storyboard process helps promote brainstorming, highlights missing tasks, and allows the team to incorporate changes prior to traveling too far down a particular path. — By Cheryl A. Malloy & William Cooley, NASA & SAIC here
    4. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to promote that vision thing. ‎
    5. Party members are adjured to promote awareness of this problem.
    6. These data suggest that the Mpkd1-2 loci do not promote renal cystogenesis per se, but rather modulate renal cystic disease severity.
    7. Presynaptic proteins that promote vesicle release aggregate at active zones, forming the cytomatrix at the active zone (CAZ).
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    1. Or, as Placeblogger.com , a Web site that promotes and tracks blogs with a hyperlocal focus, put it: “Placeblogs are about the lived experience of a community, some of which is news and some of which isn’t.”
    2. Drinking must be sociable, and if it escalates to a certain degree of liveliness, then it promotes the arousal of the mind and makes it sociable. Moreover, in this way it also removes the propensity for dissimulation, and makes one openhearted.
    3. In addition, cathelicidin promotes autophagy, which enhances autophagolysosomal fusion and antimicrobial activity.
    4. Notably, in breast cancer, relative low expression of hamartin and tuberin (TSC1 and TSC2 products, respectively) is associated with poor clinical outcome, and depletion of tuberin promotes metastasis.
    5. Microcalcification induces inflammation and promotes plaque rupture, whereas macrocalcification which refers to the sheet-like appearance of calcification acts as a barrier to inflammation and stabilizes the plaque [40 ,41 ].
    6. The MET tyrosine kinase receptor (known also as the HGF receptor) promotes, among others, cancer growth and metastasis by conveying proliferative, antiapoptotic, and promigratory signals [ …]
    7. Increased D-Dimer levels in patients with renal dysfunction may result from endothelial dysfunction, since release of VWF promotes platelet adhesion and aggregation and, thus, microthrombi formation [6 ].
    8. As a consequence, robust uptake of the PS-containing nanoliposomes also promotes fluid-phase endocytosis, enabling CM-pyranine, PI, and INF7 to enter the endosomal system.
    9. By ubiquinating Akt, TRAF6 promotes Akt translocation to the plasma membrane, where it becomes phosphorylated.
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    1. Eventually I was promoted, and a small team of recruits came under my authority.
    2. He never got promoted because he was always lying down on the job.
    3. I think the VP got tired of playing second fiddle to the president, so if she's not promoted soon, she might leave.
    4. He promoted his clerk to office manager.
    5. Having crossed the chessboard, his pawn was promoted to a queen.
    6. They promoted the abolition of daylight saving time.
    7. They promoted the new film with giant billboards.
    8. At the end of the season, three teams are promoted to the Premier League.
    9. The "Thrilla in Manilla" was promoted as the fight of the century.
    10. Noteworthy, the ocular hypotensive effect promoted by D+I did not interfere in the MAP. This characteristic is desirable for any antiglaucomatous drug or formulation as it increases its specificity reducing potential side effects.
    11. Now that I've been promoted, I report to Benjamin, whom I loath.
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    1. A new concept car from Honda — a hydrogen-powered vehicle — sat inside the walls of a just-completed plexiglass tent at the corner of Seventh and Main Streets in the heart of downtown Park City, promoting the green pleasures of its energy conservation.
    2. Hollywood contributes to sexism in our society by making and promoting violent films for men and romantic comedies for women.
    3. Walt Disney himself must be turning over in his grave right now. He would not stand for his company promoting the image that girls can be beautiful if they are thin and dress like sluts.
    4. [ … ] the result was a warning to all exhibition organisers about the dangers of overpromising and underdelivering when promoting events.
    5. Munkvold and O’Mara (2002) reported that fludioxonil was more effective in promoting rapid maize root growth compared with the fungicides captan and difeconazole.
    6. A recent study reported that the endoplasmic reticulum enzyme ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 5 stimulates ATP consumption and favors aerobic glycolysis, thereby promoting cancer cell survival [30 ].
    7. Acetic acid, found to be one of the major components of AE, has been reported extensively in several studies as having the potential of countering postprandial hyperglycemic and promoting insulinemic responses.
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