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EN[pɹəˈdjuːst] [pɹəˈd͡ʒuːst] [pɹəˈdust] [-uːst]

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    1. A billion trips are made on the school run every year and, between us, parents produce two million extra tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, a cause of global warming.
    2. The sekere may be twisted, shaken or slapped to produce a subtle variety of effects.
    3. Monsanto practices selective breeding to produce high-yield seeds.
    4. They produce several quality sherries.
    5. Fresh butter, salt beef, anchovies, tunny, a shopful of Planchet's commodities, fowls, vegetables, salad, fish from the pond and the river, game from the forest--all the produce, in fact, of the province.
    6. Grocery stores show off their produce by placing the most attractive specimens in front.
    7. A female blue whale may produce a specific power of up to 16 kilowatts per tonne when sprinting.
    8. This algorithm will produce a state machine for parsing a given context-free grammar.
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    1. Suppose we have a widget factory that produces 100 units per year...
    2. Perhaps the most exciting area in evolution is in exploring how rewiring the circuitry of genes produces different arthropod appendages, or wingspots on butterflies.
    3. I am inventing a language which must necessarily burst forth from a very new poetics, that could be defined in a couple of words: Paint, not the thing, but the effect it produces. - Stéphane Mallarmé
    4. The Anahi Mine located near the Brazilian border produces amethyst, citrina and Bolivianite.
    5. Failure to turn off SIN signaling produces multiseptated cells that remain uncleaved and contain one or two nuclei [7 ].
    6. Asexual reproduction occurs by myceliogenic germination of sclerotia directly resulting in new sclerotia or mycelium that eventually produces sclerotia.
    7. Recently syntaphilin (SNPH) was identified, a protein that produces the docking/retaining of mitochondria in axons [ 74 , 75 ].
    8. Talin showed two isoforms in rohu, where as talin-1 and talin-2 in model vertebrates produces two talins through alternative mRNA splicing [75 ].
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    1. One is a story of betrayal, how almost two decades of hard work and advocacy that produced a visionary plan for a low-rise arts district that preserved the area’s past was shunted aside in favor of plans for megatowers and cookie-cutter urban development.
    2. Professor Jones is an eminent metaphysician; she has produced more than one hundred refereed publications concerning metaphysics.
    3. Dr. Hofmann’s work produced other important drugs, including methergine, used to treat postpartum hemorrhaging, the leading cause of death from childbirth.
    4. It produced the yen sign by overtyping "=" on a "Y".
    5. He and P. W. Johnson confirmed the recent discovery of a species of photosynthetic picoplankton, using electron microscopes to perceive fluorescence produced by the chlorophyll of the organisms.
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    1. The impact of austerity and economic circumstances were forefronted in the more economically deprived countries of the partner countries (BG, GR) and seen  as producing a fateful impact on access to diet and healthy lifestyle options.
    2. Rather than producing flashy television spots, it has placed simple ads on Web sites of news organizations and urbanbaby.com, and tried to spread its positions by posting on education and community listservs and blogs.
    3. Boccalone, a company in Oakland, Calif., that makes artisanal cured meat, has started producing nduja.
    4. Further, it is one that is illustrative of the flexibility that derives from neuroplasticity, producing an efficient and opportunistic parous animal.
    5. [ …] [I]nfected tulips are weakened by the viruses that cause the very patterns and swirls that fascinated horticulturists and investors in the first place. Such bulbs tend to dwindle away instead of fattening up and producing offsets.
    6. In this reaction, the acid and base will neutralize each other, producing a salt.
    7. In the 1960s, in addition to small-scale weavings influenced by American Indian, Peruvian and African art, she began producing enigmatic assemblage boxes and collages, including postcard collages, which she sent to friends.
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