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    1. Adamite language
    2. the affectionate care of a parent; an affectionate countenance; an affectionate message; affectionate language
    3. There's a lot of violence and bad language in this programme — are you sure it's going to be airable?
    4. The language of the Faerie Queene was made archaic Language:— in order to be in keeping with the chivalry of bygone ages that formed its subject.
    5. Hittite is a basal Indo-European language.
    6. batonic gestures in sign language
    7. What was that story about a human ambassador who went into space to learn the language of a huge betentacled alien, and finally learned it but gained tentacles in the bargain?
    8. In fact, the Language Research Center at Georgia State University has engaged in continuous social, cognitive and biobehavioral research on primates, including language training and research, since 1981.
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    1. A proofreader that does not know foreign languages is likely to miscorrect Latin words.
    2. The ancient Italic languages that are now extinct include Oscan, Umbrian, and South Picene.
    3. All Indo-European languages from Albanian to Zazaki are descended from Proto-Indo-European.
    4. Some eccentric languages are structurally just as simple, but intentionally made awfully hard to understandlike the notorious languages Brainfuck [ …] or Malbolge.
    5. For those who did believe in God, "there were the supernaturalists, and the nonsupernaturalists, which is to say those who thought that we can perfectly well deal with god languages, god talk, in ways that don't have to refer to a spirit being out there.
    6. Based on the representation of WPGs, an effective algorithm for determining the new reconstructibility of BCNs is designed with the help of the theories of finite automata and formal languages.
    7. English, French and Spanish are often considered world languages. ‎
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