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    1. By so doing you will certainly profit the art of fiction. For books have a way of influencing each other. Fiction will be much the better for standing cheek by jowl with poetry and philosophy.
    2. The Norwegian government said 1.25 billion kroner, or $186 million (U.S.), worth of Barrick stock and 249 million kroner ($67 million) worth of Textron stock was sold quietly ahead of the announcement to avoid influencing the market.
    3. This can potentially occur by ACh acting locally in the LH to neuromodulate LH circuits by influencing dopamine and serotonin release [19 , 45 ] but also by directly influencing local excitatory and inhibitory networks.
    4. Melatonin reciprocally interacts with the vestibular system by influencing the firing of the medial vestibular nuclei [80 ], the vestibulosympathetic system [81 ], and balance [82 ] ( Fig 6 ).
    5. The three main dietary factors influencing absorption and ultilisation of zinc are phytic acid [28,48], the total zinc content of the meal [26,28] and the amount and source of protein [26,29,49].
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