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  • Beispiele harsh
    1. He wrote a polite retraction, as an apology of sorts for his harsh words. ‎
    2. Harsh words, though pertinent, uncouth appear: None please the fancy, who offend the ear.
    3. “This is a harsh but probably necessary strategy to re-establish control over an underregulated sector,” David Zweig [ … ] said of the death-sentence verdict.
    4. Kennan’s unillusioned and often bleak assessment of America’s capacity to shape the world according to its wishes was, save for a brief period at the dawn of the cold war, too harsh a medicine for Washington’s policy makers to swallow.
    5. She has a gift for sugaring what would otherwise be harsh words.
    6. The harsh desert wind and sand had chewed the stump into ragged strips of wood.
    7. On balance, it was harsh on Hearts, who had given as good as they got against their more-fancied opponents, who, despite not being at full strength, fielded a multi-million pound team.
    8. It didn't freeze this winter, but last winter was very harsh.
    9. It was a dramatic finish to an absorbing, fast-paced game but Blackburn will be deeply unhappy with referee Anthony Taylor as Nzonzi's handball was harsh.
  • Beispiele harsher
    1. Luxury did not spoil her; and any one that saw her in the soft furs of her winter wrappings, would have said that delicate cheek and frame were never made to know the unkindliness of harsher things.
  • Beispiele harshing
    1. Quit harshing me already, I said that I was sorry!
    2. Dude, you're harshing my buzz.
  • Beispiele harshest
    1. Partly because of the heavy burden of government debt built up during his stewardship, and the uncurbed recklessness of the country’s banks, Britain’s recession is already the harshest in Western Europe.
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