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  • Beispiele group
    1. The more involving of the jazz sets included [ … ] a group of shorter, polystylistic pieces by Jonathan Batiste; and a few standards dazzlingly played by Lee Musiker.
    2. But to call a group of researchers postfeminist without exploring what exactly that means belittles both feminists and postfeminists alike.
    3. After adjusting for prepregnancy weight, smoking status and other variables, the average birth weight of babies in the decaf group was a statistically insignificant one-half ounce higher than that of babies in the coffee-drinking group.
    4. This annual showcase highlights the work of three troupes: Kids Company, a preprofessional group of dancers 14 through 18; Kids Company II, a junior organization for ages 12 through 18; and Young Movers Ensemble, for beginners 10 through 13.
    5. The studies were selected from an original group of 131 papers if they were peer-reviewed and directly compared protobacco media messages in African-American and Caucasian markets.
    6. Back-stabbing, gossiping pseudovirgins, getting together only for group vomits.
    7. The Middle Eastern terrorist group sought radicalizable Muslims in Western countries.
  • Beispiele groups
    1. Ethnographic and ethnohistorical studies indicate the possibility that Huichols derive from various groups who settled in the Sierra Madre Occidental.
    2. Now we have a nice crosspoted[sic] idiotfest and have invited trolls form[sic] other groups to come here and post how quake3 sucks, because they feel insulted now.
    3. Alleles at NCU09037 ( het-e ) fell into three very divergent groups (termed haplogroups) that showed signatures of positive selection, intra- and interhaplogroup recombination, and evidence of trans-species polymorphism.
    4. To incorporate this into our statistical analysis, we split the participants of each payoff condition into two groups using a split mean procedure on the average interkeypress interval times (IKI).
  • Beispiele grouped
    1. The tricolpates are grouped into two clades.
    2. 1904: The three glasses were grouped together, all of them tinged with wine, and one of them containing some dregs of beeswing. — Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Adventure of the Abbey Grange’ (Norton 2005, p.1170)
    3. [ … ] grouped by subtheme, they are easier to skim than the 12 sites that fill the entire first page of Google’s search results.
    4. ROS can be grouped into oxygen-centered radicals: hydroxyl radical (·OH), peroxyl radical (ROO·), alkoxyl radical (RO·), superoxide anion (·O 2 –) and oxygen-centered non-radicals: singlet oxygen ( 1 O 2 ) and hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) [ 3 ].
    5. On each side of spatula 3 asetose lateral papillae grouped together, and one asetose ventral papilla somewhat farther away.
    6. It is interesting to note that genes belonging to the biosynthesis gene cluster of the secondary metabolite pseurotin A [36 ] (grouped in the ID 01.20) were specifically induced by caspofungin (Fig 2F and 2G ).
    7. In MEROPS, MA clan members are grouped into the MA(E) and MA(M) subclans, commonly termed as gluzincins and metzincins, respectively.
    8. In this study, carriage isolates were grouped using a combination of serogrouping and genogrouping approaches to characterize the disease associated serogroups (ABCWY).
  • Beispiele grouping
    1. There is a Pompeiian fresco with a spintrian grouping of three, composed of a heterosexual couple similar to that in scenes 7-15 (see n.48, above) with the addition of a male-male joining; see Maulucci Vivolo, Pompei i graffiti, 118.
    2. The east side facade is of rubble, studded with small windows and mannered details, while the harled rear (south) wall forms, as completed, a towering, roughly symmetrical grouping.
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