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    1. This improvisatory element engendered a vibrant, appealingly unstagey quality of performance.
    2. an unstyled element in a Web page
    3. The zero (of a ring or field) has the property that the product of the zero with any element yields the zero.
    4. The quotient ring over a maximal ideal is a field with a single zero element.
    5. The element of absolutism and prelacy was controlling. - Palfrey
    6. Examples also occur of the elision of the second element of the diphthong iH in word auslaut before ’H [ …]
    7. The case was that of a murder. It had an element of mystery about it, however, which was puzzling the authorities. A turban and loincloth soaked in blood had been found; also a staff.
    8. The set of divisors of 30, with binary operators: g.c.d. and l.c.m., unary operator: division into 30, and identity elements: 1 and 30, forms a Boolean algebra.
    9. Bidding is an essential element of the game bridge.
  • Beispiele elements
    1. There had been a “cosmium” and “neutronium” (“element”), too, to say nothing of “archonium,” “asterium,” “aetherium,”and the Ur-element “anodium", from which all the other elements supposedly were built.
    2. Among the elements determined, P and K exhibit BCF > 1, except for BCF for stalk of Boletus edulis ( Table 4 ), while Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, and Na are bioexcluded (BCF < 1) by the Boletus species studied.
    3. This population of cells continues to codistribute closely with venous elements and remains excluded from a vascular regions in the developing wing bud.
    4. But other passages of “Concerto DSCH” have strong elements of what ballet folk define as both demicharacter and character dance.
    5. Similarly, the case on characterization combined primary and secondary research with explanatory cards offering interpretations of the novel and creative elements geared toward engaging the exhibitgoer on a more visceral level.
    6. Try and stick to only a few decorative elements, not a 'more is more' frightmare.
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