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  • Beispiele coordinate
    1. Some words have many spellings: Take, for example, coordinate, which also has a hyphenated spelling variant — co-ordinate — and a dieretic one, coördinate.
    2. In two-dimensional Euclidean geometry using a polar coordinate system, horocyclic flow is either the circular convergence toward or away from a point or the rotational flow around a point.
    3. An arc labelled a over-crossing one labelled b has jth coordinate with respect to base .
    4. The raster has a georeference to get coordinate data.
    5. She's the go-between for engineering and manufacturing, so you'll have to ask her if you need to coordinate between the groups.
    6. Many analysts have said China must create a superministry to better coordinate the country’s energy and environmental concerns.
    7. Simulating others’ actions in our own motor system might help to coordinate the actions using the same mechanisms that exist for interlimb coordination.
  • Beispiele coordinates
    1. These are coordinates; because each, in the sphere of its powers, is equal to, and independent of the others; and because the three united make the government.
    2. The geospatial coordinates for the building are not known.
    3. A stereotaxic atlas is a collection of sections of the brain with coordinates for stereotaxic surgery.
    4. His authority and influence over his coordinates broke down gradually. ‎
    5. I think the boat is sinking; we'd better radio for help. / I radioed him already. / Radio the coordinates this time. / OK. I radioed them the coordinates.
    6. An event is a point in spacetime, specified by the coordinates x, y, z, and t.
    7. Indel and microindel start and stop coordinates were used as the genomic coordinates of the mutation and all bases that fell within these coordinates were ignored for downstream analysis.
    8. All coordinates are relative to the midcommissural point (MCP).
  • Beispiele coordinated
    1. Their growing popularity, ironically perhaps, is due partly to their visual presentation--the color-coordinated space-age costumes and ultrahip mannerisms [ … ] .
    2. On such a coordinated board, queens are basically a bluff catcher
    3. Like a power clean, shouldering a sandbaglifting it from the floor to your shoulder in one explosive movementrequires a coordinated effort from your core, upper body, and legs.
    4. As I write this, I wonder why I didn't wear my sleeveless blue-and-green sweater and coordinated coulotte skirt instead.
    5. The Mn 2+ ion in the active site is hexahedrally coordinated.
    6. The polyp tentacle—which develops in sets of four via scattered cellular proliferation—is a radially symmetrical structure of solid/chordal morphology, with coordinated, longitudinal musculature, and is rich in atrichous isorhizal cnidocytes.
  • Beispiele coordinating
    1. coordinating conjunction
    2. As part of a newsroomwide reorganization, the newspaper recently consolidated the job of the book review editor, held for the last nine years by Teresa Weaver , under a new post coordinating movies, music and books coverage.

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  2. en coordinate
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  4. fr coordinats
  5. en coördinated
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