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    1. He told the bartender, pointing at the bottle of scotch he planned to consume, "Leave it, I'm going to kill the bottle."
    2. Unconventionally, he recommends a Loire red with fresh oysters, a dish the French customarily consume with muscadet, a piercing Loire white.
    3. We like to drink skim milk instead so as to consume fewer calories.
    4. We like to drink skimmed milk instead so as to consume fewer calories.
    5. No cold can chill them, and no fire consume No light can daze, no darkness can begloom Nor blank vacuity 'twixt orb and orb
    6. Baby birds consume their own weight in food each day.
    7. Given the example of sponges, macropredators are capable to consume large amounts of sponge biomass in short time periods and are fast moving animals that do not spend much time at one prey individual.
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    1. Even if one appliance consumes an indifferent amount of energy when left on stand-by overnight, together they can represent 10% of the electricity demand of a household.
    2. Heath's home is defined as "net-zero," which means it produces as much energy as it consumes throughout the year.[1]
    3. The city consumes boatfuls of fish every day.
    4. The power plant consumes 30 tons of coal per hour.
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    1. Rivalrous goods are those which can be consumed by only one person at the same time – for example, a candy bar or a suit; [ …]
    2. Then she is consumed by anxiety when she hears from a storeowner about a nearby bombing that killed four people while she was sleeping.
    3. Before long they had consumed a whole tray of shrimp cocktails and sent for another. ‎
    4. Desire consumed him.
    5. The building was consumed by fire.
    6. Nationalist upheaval consumed Yugoslavia after the death of Tito, the ironhanded unifier.
    7. Lentil grains are rich source of nutritious protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and are mainly consumed as dhal and fried snacks in Indian subcontinent and as soup and muchadara in Mediterranean region and also as sprout in other regions.
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    1. a consuming passion
    2. There has been a trend among medical schools to eliminate the gross anatomy lab dissection, replacing it with a (far less time-consuming) study of predissected, preserved prosections and computerized simulations.
    3. 1965: Half by desipience, half by proclivity, he had come to live in a world where the only significant leisure activities were coupling and consuming. — John Fowles, The Magus
    4. 2006 Binney & Smith, Crayola [copyright] Markers, advertisement on carton: Avoid the frustration of time-consuming do-overs on school projects. Try Crayola Erasable Markers, Crayons & colored pencils.
    5. I know each is caused by the fire accelerating rapidly up the valley, consuming everything in its path and travelling swiftly up to the crowns of the tall gums and eucalypts.
    6. After consuming too much coffee every day for six weeks, she got severe migraines that would last up until 47 minutes after her first cup of coffee.
    7. Before the dore sat selfe-consuming Care, / Day and night keeping wary watch and ward, / For feare least Force or Fraud should vnaware / Breake in [ …]
    8. (Drug users consuming this much alcohol are either slumpped in the corner having a whitey or already on their way to casualty in an ambulance.)
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