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    1. Well grounded or justifiable, pertinent.
      1. Few concepts are as emotionally charged as that of race. The word conjures up a mixture of associations—culture, ethnicity, genetics, subjugation, exclusion and persecution. But is the tragic history of efforts to define groups of people by race really a matter of the misuse of science, the abuse of a valid biological concept?
    2. Acceptable, proper or correct.
      1. A valid format for the date is MM/DD/YY.
      2. Do not drive without a valid license.
    3. Related to the current topic, or presented within context, relevant.
      1. (logic) Of a formula or system: such that it evaluates to true regardless of the input values.
        1. (logic) Of an argument: whose conclusion is always true whenever its premises are true.
          1. An argument is valid if and only if the set consisting of both (1) all of its premises and (2) the contradictory of its conclusion is inconsistent.
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          • Although it is fundamental for valid statistical inference, identifiability under nonignorable missing mechanisms is not established for many commonly-used models.
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          • You must attest your will in order for it to be valid.
          • In the domain of valuations which are supervaluations with respect to a certain partial valuation the axioms of classical logic remain valid.
          • The first two leads check out; I'll assume the third one is also valid.
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