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    1. plural of tissue.
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        • This technique creates a neourethra circumferentially lined with buccal mucosa but requires availability of preserved scrotal tissue and, after harvest, relies on a random blood supply.
        • However, a novel form of cutaneous anthrax, termed injectional anthrax, that is characterized by severe soft tissue infection has been recently described in heroin users.
        • On the other hand, MMP-1 and MMP-9 are elevated in TBP as compared with transudative effusions [10 ], and MMP-9 is prominently expressed in the granulomas of tuberculous pleural tissues [11 ].
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        • Renal trauma caused by blunt force, entrapment, falls, puncture or accidental trocarisation [ 4 ] may rupture the renal capsule leading to leakage of urine into the perirenal tissues.
        • Food is assimilated and converted into organic tissue.
        • However, our case showed mainly hypocellularity due to the nature of puncture tissue.
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