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EN[ˈsoʊldʒɚz] [ˈsəʊldʒəz] [ˈsɒldʒəz]

    Definition of soldiers in English Dictionary

  • SubstantivBFsoldierSUF-ers
    1. plural of soldier.
    2. VerbBFsoldierPRsoldieringPT, PPsoldiered
      1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of soldier.
      2. Mehr Beispiele
        1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
          • The French soldiers [ …] from their youth have been practiced and ured in feats of arms. — Sir T. More.
          • The soldiers turned back all the refugees at the frontier. ‎
          • The soldiers split up into smaller squadrons to search the building.
        2. In der Endung des Satzes verwendet
          • After the melee, the vision of a backlit, Daenerys Targaryen-haired holy messenger bids him to lay down his sword — all before a multilimbed demon flies at him from the body of a fallen soldier.
          • The president offered his condolences to the mother of the dead soldier.
          • Was she seeing another side of Douglas? The slick businessman, with a patronising air for those less experienced than he was? Well, sod that for a game of soldiers!
      • Wortart Hierarchie
        1. Substantive
          • Noun Formen
            • Substantiv Pluralformen
          • Verben
            • Verbformen
              • Verb Einzahlformen
                • Der 3. person singular
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          Grammatisch, dieses wort "soldiers" ist ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein noun formen. Es ist auch ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein verbformen.
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