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  • AdjektivCOMmore reactiveSUPmost reactivePREré-SUF-ive
    1. that reacts or responds to a stimulus.
      1. (chemistry) that readily takes part in reactions.
        1. francium is the most reactive of the alkali metals.
      2. (electronics) Characterized by induction or capacitance rather than resistance.
        1. Reacting to the past rather than anticipating the future, not predictive.
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            • Conversely, the TTAI-complexed state demonstrates hyperstability to chemical denaturation that is typical of a reactive loop or an analogous peptide filling the s4A site in serpins.
            • Compared with vehicle-treated controls, rapamycin protected against the tau-induced neuronal loss, synaptotoxicity, reactive microgliosis and astrogliosis, and activation of innate neuroimmunity.
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