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EN[ɹæt] [-æt]
DRatte WRatten
  • Die Ratten (Rattus) sind eine Nagetiergattung aus der Gruppe der Altweltmäuse (Murinae). Die Gattung umfasst rund 65 Arten, von denen die meisten in Südostasien, Neuguinea und Australien verbreitet sind.
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  • SubstantivPLrats
    1. (zoology) A medium-sized rodent belonging to the genus Rattus.
      1. Similar studies of rats have employed four different intracranial resorbable, slow sustained release systems—surgical foam, a thermal gel depot, a microcapsule or biodegradable polymer beads.
    2. INF A term indiscriminately applied to numerous members of several rodent families (e.g. voles and mice) having bodies longer than about 12 cm, or 5 inches.
      1. INF A person who is known for betrayal; a scoundrel; a quisling.
        1. INF An informant or snitch.
          1. SLA A person who routinely spends time at a particular location.
            1. Our teenager has become a mall rat. ‎
            2. He loved hockey and was a devoted rink rat. ‎
          2. Scab.
            1. (north-west London) SLA Vagina.
              1. Get your rat out. ‎
            2. A wad of shed hair used as part of a hairstyle.
            3. VerbSGratsPRrattingPT, PPratted
              1. (usually with “on” or “out”) To betray someone and tell their secret to an authority or an enemy; to turn someone in, bewray.
                1. He ratted on his coworker.
                2. He is going to rat us out!
              2. (of a dog, etc.) To kill rats.
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                  • My attempts at fumigation failed to stop the rats from reinfesting the barn.
                  • ICCs can form gap junctions with smooth muscle, and juxtracrine chemical synapses have been shown to form between ICCs and immune cells in rat bladder and other organs.
                  • The mixture of six probes (phenacetin, metroprolol, midazolam, omeprazole, tolbutamide and bupropion) was given to rats by intragastric administration.
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                  • Rats were received d-amphetamine sulfate (5.0 mg/kg i.p) and were placed in rotometer bowls.
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                  • A selective COX-2 inhibitor, etoricoxib, was reported to reduce the expression of NF-κB protein and inhibit DMH-induced colon ACF in rats.
                  • To study the anti-inflammatory effect of selected dihydroxyflavones (DHF) in albino rats.
                  • They have shown that intravenous or intraduodenal administration of obestatin stimulates pancreatic protein and trypsin output in anesthetized rats.
              • Wortart Hierarchie
                1. Substantive
                  • Zählbare Nomen
                  • Verben
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                  Grammatisch, dieses wort "rat" ist ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen. Es ist auch ein verben.
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