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    1. Obstinately refusing to give up or let go.
      1. She has had a persistent cough for weeks.
    2. Insistently repetitive.
      1. There was a persistent knocking on the door.
    3. Indefinitely continuous.
      1. There have been persistent rumours for years.
    4. (botany) Lasting past maturity without falling off.
      1. Pine cones have persistent scales.
    5. (computing) About some data or data structures: existing after the execution of the program. Remaining in existence past the lifetime of the program that creates it.
      1. Once written to a disk file the data becomes persistent and it will still be there tomorrow when we run the next program.
      2. This way transient value becomes persistent.
    6. (mathematics) Describing a fractal process that has a positive Brown function.
      1. (mathematics, stochastic processes, of a state) non-transient.
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          • Ultrasonogram of the bladder obtained transrectally using a 5.0-MHz linear transducer in a 4-year-old Braunvieh x Brown Swiss cow with uroperitoneum caused by rupture of a persistent urachus.
          • Even among the (rapidly disappearing) survivors of his generation, Yank Rachell is nearly alone in his persistent use of traditional, even preblues forms.
          • At an average follow-up of 4 years, 2 of 10 cases had to be converted to tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis because of persistent pain with substantial arthrofibrosis, but not loosening.
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