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EN[ˈɡɪvən] [-ɪvən]
Dgegeben WGiven
  • Given ist der Familienname von:
  • David Roger Given (1943–2005), neuseeländischer Botaniker
  • Shay Given (* 1976), irischer Fußballtorhüter

    Definition of given in English Dictionary

  • SubstantivPLgivens
    1. A condition that is assumed to be true without further evaluation.
    2. Verb
      1. past participle of give.
      2. AdjektivCOMmore givenSUPmost given
        1. Already arranged.
          1. Currently discussed.
            1. Particular, specific.
              1. No more than three people can be in that space at a given time.
            2. Assumed as fact or hypothesis.
              1. Given that we will get the resources, what do we want to achieve?
            3. (with to) Prone, disposed.
              1. He was given to taking a couple of glasses of port at his club.
          2. Präposition
            1. Considering; taking into account.
              1. Given the current situation, I don't think that's possible.
          3. Mehr Beispiele
            1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
              • So, given their very challenging nature, Nippo-Vietnamese relations must be better analysed, and not merely by a simple monographic study of bilateral relations. (2008) [1]
              • In any given performance, their tosses and spins and leaps elicit oohs and ahhs from children and adults.
              • They're either telling you where to shove it, if you're winning, or telling you where they'd like to shove it given half the chance.
            2. Zu Beginn des Satzes verwendet
              • Given the superstring "cathode", we can extract the substrings "cat", "hod", and "ode".
              • Given that suitability of patients for peritonectomy was discussed during weekly meetings and only selected patients were offered this combined therapy, there was selection bias in this study.
              • Given that the expression of this gene is not restricted to neoblasts, its role can also be important in committed cells.
            3. In der Endung des Satzes verwendet
              • A new semisymmetrization functor, which maps the category of quasigroups with homotopies to the category of semisymmetric quasigroups with homomorphisms is given.
              • He may be your brother but he botches every job he's given.
          • Wortart Hierarchie
            1. Adjektive
              • Adjektiven auf -en
              • Morpheme
                • Suffixe
                  • Worte von Suffix
                    • Words suffixed with -en
                      • Adjektiven auf -en
                • Substantive
                  • Zählbare Nomen
                  • Präpositionen
                    • Verben
                      • Verbformen
                        • Unregelmäßige Verben
                          • Unregelmäßigen Partizipien
                          • Partizipien
                            • Partizip perfekt
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                      Meaning of given for the defined word.

                      Grammatisch, dieses wort "given" ist ein adjektive, genauer gesagt, ein adjektiven auf -en. Es ist auch ein morpheme, genauer gesagt, ein suffixe. Es ist auch ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen. Es ist auch ein präpositionen. Es ist auch ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein verbformen.
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