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  • VerbBFgenerateSGgeneratesPRgeneratingSUF-ated
    1. simple past tense and past participle of generate.
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      1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
        • The phospholipid pseudogel was prepared at a molar ratio of [DMPC]/[DHPC] = 2.5 at 10% wt/vol in an aqueous solution of 100 mM MOPS buffer (pH 7) in order to generate the nanogel separation matrix.
        • A weakly-typed language will most possibly not generate an error or refuse to compile, if the argument passed to a function does not match the expected type closely.
        • Cataloguing transducable sequences will help, but since some somatically acquired L1 insertions can go on to generate new insertions [ 13 ], such catalogues will never be exhaustive.
    • Wortart Hierarchie
      1. Verben
        • Verbformen
          • Partizipien
            • Partizip perfekt
            • Verb Präteritum Formen

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        Meaning of generated for the defined word.

        Grammatisch, dieses wort "generated" ist ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein verbformen.
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