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EN[ˈdjʊəɹɪŋ] [ˈdʊəɹɪŋ] [ˈdʒʊəɹɪŋ] [-ʊəɹɪŋ]
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    Definition of during in English Dictionary

  • VerbBFdureSGduresPT, PPduredSUF-ing
    1. present participle of dure.
    2. Präposition
      1. For all of a given time interval.
        1. I lived with my parents during the 1970s. ‎
        2. The shop was one of the few able to stay open during the war. ‎
      2. At any time or period within a given time interval.
        1. I lived with my parents at several points during the 1980s. ‎
        2. Many of the best examples were produced during the Restoration. ‎
    3. Mehr Beispiele
      1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
        • Then in the end, he everytime pang seh me and disappear during working hours. In the end, I have to clear a lot of work for him instead.
        • Moreover, CPEB4-KD cells show polyadenylation defects, hyperadenylation, at 2.5 h, suggesting CPEB4 may already play a role in inactivating mRNAs during S-phase (or S to G2 phase transition).
        • Chiding himself for his incessant shopping, he explained that the playful Greek hunting scene that hangs above his mantel was unearthed during one of his frequent thrifting trips to upstate New York.
      2. Zu Beginn des Satzes verwendet
        • During the Korean Conflict, American soldiers were deloused with DDT upon entering basic training.
        • During the second stage the two prelaminated plates are anastomosed by tunneling the gracilis into the perineum.
        • During filming a stuntman was injured as he jumped from a railway bridge onto the roof of a train passing below.
    • Wortart Hierarchie
      1. Morpheme
        • Suffixe
          • Worte von Suffix
            • Words suffixed with -ing
        • Präpositionen
          • Verben
            • Verbformen
              • Partizipien
                • Partizip Präsens

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          Meaning of during for the defined word.

          Grammatisch, dieses wort "during" ist ein morpheme, genauer gesagt, ein suffixe. Es ist auch ein präpositionen. Es ist auch ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein verbformen.
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