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EN[koʊˈɔɹdənət] [koʊˈɔɹdənɪt] [ˈkɔɹdənɪt] [koʊˈɔɹdəˌneɪt] [ˈkɔɹdəˌneɪt]
EN coördinate

    Definition of coordinate in English Dictionary

  • SubstantivPLcoordinatesSUF-ate
    1. (mathematics, cartography) A number representing the position of a point along a line, arc, or similar one-dimensional figure.
      1. Something that is equal to another thing.
        1. These are coordinates; because each, in the sphere of its powers, is equal to, and independent of the others; and because the three united make the government.
      2. (humorous, in the plural) Coordinated clothes.
      3. VerbSGcoordinatesPRcoordinatingPT, PPcoordinated
        1. VT To synchronize (activities).
          1. VT To match (objects, especially clothes).
          2. Adjektiv
            1. Of the same rank; equal.
            2. Mehr Beispiele
              1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
                • Indel and microindel start and stop coordinates were used as the genomic coordinates of the mutation and all bases that fell within these coordinates were ignored for downstream analysis.
                • As I write this, I wonder why I didn't wear my sleeveless blue-and-green sweater and coordinated coulotte skirt instead.
                • An event is a point in spacetime, specified by the coordinates x, y, z, and t.
              2. In der Endung des Satzes verwendet
                • The Mn 2+ ion in the active site is hexahedrally coordinated.
            • Wortart Hierarchie
              1. Adjektive
                • Unver Adjektive
                • Substantive
                  • Zählbare Nomen
                  • Verben
                    • Transitive Verben
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                  Grammatisch, dieses wort "coordinate" ist ein adjektive, genauer gesagt, ein unver adjektive. Es ist auch ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen. Es ist auch ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein transitive verben.
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