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  • AdverbCOMmore commonlySUPmost commonlyPREcom-SUF-ly
    1. as a rule; frequently; usually.
      1. OBS in common; familiarly.
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        1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
          • Injection of LPS, which is more likely a hyperinflammation storm rather than sepsis, and the CLP method are both the most commonly used animal models for septic AKI research.
          • They commonly comprise peptides resulting from the processing of neuropeptide precursors like pro-enkephalin-A, to give active peptide B and enkelytin; many of which are phosphorylated.
          • As a positive control, all extraerythrocytic parasites, which commonly occur late in P. chabaudi infections, stained positive for TUNEL (fig. S5).
      • Wortart Hierarchie
        1. Adverbien
          • Morpheme
            • Suffixe
              • Worte von Suffix
                • Words suffixed with -ly

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          Grammatisch, dieses wort "commonly" ist ein adverbien. Es ist auch ein morpheme, genauer gesagt, ein suffixe.
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