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    1. plural of binding.
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        • ADT involves using drugs such as lupron and bicalutamide that target androgen receptor (AR) signaling through lowering serum testosterone or blocking the binding of androgens to the AR [2 –6 ].
        • The three AD cases showed distinct differences in regional THK5117 binding that were also observed in tau immunohistopathology as well as in clinical presentation.
        • A number of different zinc binding groups have been investigated: carboxyalkyls, thiols, hydroxamic acids, phosphonic acids and phosphonamides (23).
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        • Binding a repellent at these receptors is believed to cause increased autophosphorylating activity of the CheA kinase.
        • Binding of ligand leads to heterodimerisation and activation of HER2 TK activity.
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        • We address here the rototranslational entropy loss upon binding.
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