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    Definition of as if in English Dictionary

  • Konjunktion
    1. As though; in a manner suggesting.
      1. “[…] They talk of you as if you were Croesus—and I expect the beggars sponge on you unconscionably.” And Vickers launched forth into a tirade very different from his platform utterances. He spoke with extreme contempt of the dense stupidity exhibited on all occasions by the working classes.
    2. In mimicry of.
      1. When the teacher's back was turned, the class clown would hold his stomach as if he were ill. ‎
  • Interjektion
    1. IDI Refers to something that the speaker deems highly unlikely.
      1. "I'm going to clean your whole house." "As if!"
  • Mehr Beispiele
    1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
      • For a while on “Breakthrough,” as with Ms. Caillat’s debut album, “Coco,” it appears as if she’s content to remain polite, an unfussy swooner.
      • The runners spurted to the last lap as if they had extracted new energy from the applauds of the audience.
      • I was terribly scared by Idi Amin's animosity that iron handedly ravaged the earth as if he was from a different planet.
    2. Zu Beginn des Satzes verwendet
      • As if the hostile takeover weren't enough, to add insult to injury they scrapped ninety percent of our products and replaced them with their own.
  • Wortart Hierarchie
    1. Konjunktionen
      • Einwürfe
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      Meaning of as if for the defined word.

      Grammatisch, dieses idiom "as if" ist ein konjunktionen. Es ist auch ein einwürfe.
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