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  • Ash steht für:
  • Ash (Band), irische Band
  • Ash Brook Swamp Reservation, Park im Union County, New Jersey
  • Ash Canyon, Mine im Doña Ana County, New Mexico
  • Ash Carleton Park, Park im Monroe County, Michigan
  • Ash Craft Pond, See im Essex County, New York
  • Ash Creek Airport im Cochise County, Arizona
  • Ash Creek Oil Field, Ölfeld im Pawnee County, Kansas
  • Ash Creek State Wildlife Area, Park im Lassen County, Kalifornien
  • Ash Creek Wildlife Area, Park im Modoc County, Kalifornien
  • Ash Drift Mine, Mine im Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
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    Definition of Ash in English Dictionary

  • Eigenname
    1. (Egyptian mythology) The Egyptian god of oases.
      1. A topographic surname​ for someone who lived near ash trees.
        1. A male given name transferred from the surname.
          1. A diminutive of the female given names Ashley and Ashlee.
          2. Mehr Beispiele
            1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
              • It was necessary for them to rediscover fire, to relearn the basic laws of economics and rebuild civilization out of the ashes of ruin.
              • The can was seized soon thereafter, and as the judge's trial got under way, an IRS lab was remoisturizing the ashes and reconstructing checks.
              • After six months in Iraq, he really need to get his ashes hauled.
            2. Zu Beginn des Satzes verwendet
              • Ash is a strongly runic tree by implication, the world-ash Yggdrasil being the tree from which Odin hung in order to obatin the runes.
          • Wortart Hierarchie
            1. Substantive
              • Zählbare Nomen
                • Zählbare Eigennamen
                • Diminutiv Substantive
                  • Diminutive weiblich Vorname
                  • Eigennamen
                    • Zählbare Eigennamen
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                Meaning of Ash for the defined word.

                Grammatisch, dieses wort "Ash" ist ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen, ein diminutiv substantive und ein eigennamen.
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